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Free Physiotherapy

Fenix Physiotherapy has been established to serve patients  unable to access NHS physiotherapy due to Covid-19 restrictions. Fully qualified musculoskeletal physiotherapists are ready to speak to you. Click below to see if you qualify.

About Fenix.

The NHS has drastically reduced its Outpatients Physiotherapy services. Rightly so, the demand on the NHS to treat Covid-19 positive patient is paramount during this pandemic. This leaves many people with low back pain, arthritis, shoulder pain or those recovering from surgery, to name just a few conditions untreated and unsupported.



The Non-Covid Effect, as it’s been described, is already gripping our healthcare system. Thousands of appointments have been cancelled or postponed. From Physiotherapy to Chemotherapy, Paediatrics to Orthopaedics, Social Care and Pain Management services, have all been put on hold. Patients across the board are stacking up and in the coming months the NHS will face a tsunami of patients with advanced conditions.


As a musculoskeletal physiotherapist, I fear that untreated conditions, combined with inactivity will compound problems for people with musculoskeletal pain. As a musculoskeletal physiotherapist I’m concerned that a large group of people’s pain will worsen and that the NHS will be overwhelmed as the coronavirus restrictions begin to be lifted. As a fully qualified physio, I founded Fenix Physiotherapy - a service designed to volunteer my time & skills in support of the NHS.


A private physiotherapist service treating NHS patients online - for free.


Free Consultation and Treatment Plan

Free physiotherapy is only available to certain individuals. To find out if you qualify please click the button below.

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