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How it Works

If you answer 'Yes' to any of the qualifying questions here on our website, and provide the information requested on the next page, not forgetting to leave you telephone number. A qualified Physiotherapist will call you at the time you requested to conduct a consultation over the telephone.

It’s that simple, Free Physiotherapy in support of the NHS.



- We have the use of video technologies should you prefer a video conference call.


- During the consultation your physiotherapist will ask you some questions, explain the cause of your pain, provide a diagnosis and advise on the best actions to ease pain and improve your movement and function. Specific, appropriate and timed goals will be agreed upon. Should a home exercise program be of benefit, it will be designed around you specifically and sent to you by email. We have use of an excellent smart phone application that will help you keep track of your home exercise program and will keep the Physiotherapist informed on your progress. The Physiotherapist will follow up your initial telephone call, at an agreed time, with another call to check how you’re getting on, provide further guidance and advice, and progress your exercise program if necessary.

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